Digging Deep, Facing Self is an open access 30-day intensive writing course designed to uplift, heal & transform women into their boldest selves!

This course is for all women: those who are writers by passion, and those who have never dared keep a journal tucked in their nightstand. This original curriculum from poet Caits Meissner includes reading, writing prompts, action, reflection and steps for sharing the journey within a created community. A month-long deep dive into our painful memories, fears and long held beliefs about self, DDFS uses creative writing as a tool for both artistic expression and self-examination. Ending on a week of celebration and reclamation, this course is for women who want to change themselves... to change the world.

After eight full course rounds, serving 300+ women from around the world, we are now offering our curriculum to you — for free, at your own pace and on your own time.

Our course began as a platform that engaged women in taking the #GrowFierce journey together as a group. For an uninterrupted month twenty-something strangers met online daily, wrote together, shared in intentional sub-groups and discussed our experience. Talk about an experiment in vulnerability! In this format, the course was centered around the leadership of Caits Meissner (Creator) and Sabina Ibarrola (Lead Facilitator), who offered guidance, a weekly group call and a series of bonus gifts for our participants.

In follow up to the intensive course experience, opportunities for our network were cultivated by our eleven woman alumni Advisory Team. Each round completed with a digital anthology and a slot to read in the popular NYC-based #GrowFierce Reading Series at Bluestockings Bookstore. Participants based outside of New York were offered a chance to have their work read live by an established guest poet, and filmed for exposure on our website.

The curriculum was also tested live in two women’s prisons, with high school-aged girls through the Sadie Nash Leadership Project and in Malaysia through a state-sponsored workshop tour. These participants, along with our original DDFS alumni created a wildly diverse, tight knit community that allowed us to try out and tweak our curriculum, serve their experience in a hands-on engagement, and ultimately, open this curriculum to all of you. We feel deep gratitude for our alumni — you can thank them for investing in the first iterations of our course, ultimately allowing for a universally widened access.